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Denmark Green Card Is What You Need To Migrate To Denmark

Denmark is one among those countries who are looking forward for foreign skilled immigrants. The country has developed to attract not only foreign tourists but also skilled workers from different parts of the world to live in Denmark.

Denmark Immigration has introduced a program called as Denmark Work Permit program Denmark Work Permit program where the skilled worker is given a Danish green card which is a permit to live and work in the country.

The holder of Denmark Green Card Permit can reside in the country for up to certain period of time along with their dependent's and later can apply for permanent residency. Denmark Green Card Scheme is the best and most preferred option by the foreign skilled workers to settle and work in Denmark.

For a skilled worker to Settle in Denmark they must meet certain eligibility criteria which are based on points based system.

The factors which the skilled worker is assessed on are

  • Age
  • Adaptability
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Language


  • 30 points for graduation
  • 50 points for one year master degree
  • 60 points for two years masters degree
  • 80 points for PHD


  • 30 points if the applicant is proficient in English/Danish/Swedish/Norwegian

Work Experience

  • 15 points for work experience

Age and Adaptability

  • 15 points each will be given

Benefits of Denmark Green Card Scheme

Denmark green card offers many benefits for a foreign skilled worker who wishes to migrate to the country.

  • The card holder will be able to roam around the Schengen countries without a visa
  • The card holder take along their conjugal partner/spouse
  • The card holder can sponsor their family members
  • The card holder can extend their validity up to four years
  • The card holder can apply for permanent residency after completing seven years of stay in Denmark
  • The family members of the card holder will enjoy the same rules
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