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Denmark has been inviting many foreign students to get an excellent education for their career. A High level of education and good student accommodation facilities are provided. The crime rate in the country is very low. This makes students feel Studying in Denmark safe. It is also among the countries that have high social progress.   Visa is a permission given by a country to enter and live up to visa validity. Not every country citizen needs visa , citizens of European Union countries and White Schengen list countries don not need a Visa. They can stay up to 90 days per 6 months. If any student is interested to apply for a Student Residence Permit Visa, then the student has to know some information about the student visa application processing.   Visa requirements may subject to change always, so it is better to visit the Danish consulate before you start the process. Students from both Non-EU and EU countries need to obtain a minimum residence permit of the course duration. Check with the Danish Immigration website for more information.   Visa application process for Non-EU students start from the educational institution. When you apply for any course in any institution. They will send an application form filling institution part and send requirement documents attached to the form. A student of Non-EU countries must have a valid passport of their country. The student has to fill the form, attach the documents required and submit the application to the nearest Denmark embassy. If there is any cost for the application form then it has to be paid. Then the student has to attend for a visa interview process and submit all necessary documents for the visa interview like financial, educational and residential documents. Once the student goes through the interview, visa will be issued. Now, the student has to pay institution tuition fee and can book a flight ticket. Within the visa validity time, students can complete the course and search for a job.   The student visa processing procedure for EU students is different. They can enter the country without visa having only their country‚Äôs valid passport. They can complete institution application process directly. To stay beyond 3 months, they need a residence permit which is obtained at Denmark state county. Necessary documents while applying for a residence permit are passport original and photocopy, passport size photographs, no criminal record from the native country police and admission letter from the institution. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to process the submitted documents, if everything is correct then residence permit is issued.  

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