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Do you want to migrate to Denmark? Is Denmark on your wish list? If your answers to these questions are yes, then you must seriously give Denmark Green Card a good try. Often considered a land of opportunities, Denmark is a good place to work and settle eventually. To give foreign nationals a fair chance over the same, the country introduced Denmark Green Card scheme.

Denmark immigration from India:

Denmark Green Card immigration from India is on high. Notably, already a good number of Indian workers are happily settled in Denmark. If you want to be in that league, you need to apply for Denmark Green Card visa.

Denmark Green Card eligibility:

To migrate to Denmark under Denmark Green Card immigration, you need to first check your eligibility criteria. As Denmark Green Card process is done through point based system, you must secure at least 100 points. In fact, these points are again based on education, communication skills, work experience etc.

  • For graduation, you get a minimum of 30 points
  • For degree with one-year master degree, you get 50 points
  • For two years’ master degree, you will get 60 points
  • For Ph. D, you will get 80 points
  • A maximum of 15 points will be given based on the work experience in the past five years
  • If you are proficient in English or German or Norwegian or Danish or Swedish
  • For adaptability and age (low) 15 each will be given

Key benefits of Danish Green Card:

Some of the key benefits of Denmark Green Card include

  • Danish Green Card holders can renew their validity period for another four years
  • Denmark GC holder will be able to apply for the citizenship after seven years of stay
  • They can move across Schengen countries without visa
  • Family members of GC holders enjoy the same privileges that are applicable to GC holders

What are you waiting for? Migrate to Denmark through Denmark Green Card visa.

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