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Obtain Denmark Green Card for Successful Denmark Immigration

Denmark is most popular destination for immigrants who seek better employment and business opportunities. People residing in Denmark will encounter the feeling of safety and security. Even, the country is offering excellent offers for overseas individuals. Thus, individuals from various countries prefer for immigration to Denmark. One of the best schemes for Denmark immigration is Denmark Green card.

 Denmark Green card:

Denmark Green card scheme enables overseas individuals to reside and work in Denmark for a period of three years.  Denmark Green card system is a point based scheme where an individual must score minimum qualification points based on the personal and professional aspects.

Denmark Green Card Points calculator:

In order to obtain a Denmark Green Card applicants need to score a minimum of 100 points in the points based test. The Danish government uses Denmark Green Card point’s calculator scheme to estimate the individuals’ capability and eligibility for immigration to Denmark. The points are awarded based on the applicants’ aspects such as educational level, adaptability, age, work experience and language skills.

Besides securing the pass points in the point based test applicants should also have health insurance policy and enough funds to support themselves and their family members in the Denmark.

Denmark Green Card Visa Processing Time:

Applicants after meeting the requirements can apply for Denmark Green Card by filling the visa application form and submitting it to the embassy with all the proper documents. The Danish embassy representatives thoroughly go through the application form before approving Denmark Green Card. The processing time for Denmark Green Card is subjected to change and it often depends on applicants’ profile.

Denmark Green Card benefits:

  • Initially applicants get a resident permit for three years under the Denmark Green Card, and further they can extend their visa for one year. Before the end of the one year period they can further extend their visa for four years.
  • If individuals worked for last 12 months or one year for minimum of 10 hours per week their residence permit can be extended.
  • Denmark Green Card entitles individuals to Denmark PR status after 7 years of their Denmark immigration
  • Travel across the Schengen countries without a visa
  • Can bring main applicants family members to Denmark to get Denmark PR

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