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Outline for Denmark Green Card

It gives access to an individual for work, stay and settle in Denmark. Similar to Canada and Australia the applicant need to undergo a point based test. In order to get an opportunity to work in Denmark, select an occupation or field where Danish is lagging. When an individual opt for such sector there are ample chances to become eligible. When a nation is in need of skilled workers, it gives more chances for skilled immigrants to migrate to the country. The Danish green card helps an individual to immigrate to Denmark. Features:

  • The green card holder gets an opportunity to stay temporarily for about 3 years in the first attempt of application
  • Under the scheme extension can be done prior to 3 years for 4 years
  • The resident permit is extended only when you have worked for 10 hours from past 12 months
  • When you have completed a temporary resident permit for 4 years then you can apply for a permanent resident permit
  • Once after you have Permanent Resident Permit in your hands you can use for staying in Denmark as long as you need.
  • There is no need to apply for any extension now
  • After a continuous stay of 9 years in Denmark you can apply for Denmark citizenship or Denmark nationality
  • The resident permit is also given the immediate relatives of the green card holder
  • There are a number of benefits helping an individual with a Danish green card
The point based system is wholly responsible for being eligible for the green card. The test score is based on the various skills you have. The score is structured and divided to know how far an individual is eligible for the sector he/she s applying.

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