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Denmark has many dazzling places to visit. For people looking for a lively city life and amiable beaches, Denmark is the best choice. It is a unique place to visit which has beautiful nature parks and abundant forests. It looks more beauteous during winter. Tourists not only from the European Union, but from all over the world lovevisiting the country during Christmas. Denmark has places that can match with every individual taste. Every visitor finds them interesting.


It is difficult to find the best Denmark Tourist Attractions. Here are a few suggestions to visit :-


Tivoli Gardens :


Children love this place as it has many children’s activities. It takes few minutes to walk to the place from City Hall. It is a family friendly place. It has everything for everyone including small children, teens and adults. It is a place to have fun with the entire family. It has thrilling rides , serene park attraction and many more enjoyable activities. Visitors are allowed from 11 am to 10 pm. It has wild rides like Aquila, live music every day, gourmet food and many more.


The Kronborg Castle near Halsingor :


Kronborg Castle is an impressive castle and inspiration for "Elsinore" in Shakespeare's Hamlet. It is also called “Kronborg Slot”. Millions of visitors have been visiting the place every year. It is one among Denmark’s royal castles. It is located between Denmark and Sweden on the very narrow water strip.


The Island of Bornholm :


Bornholm has extraordinary and pure long hour sunshine attracting tourists to the island. It is lying on the Sweden and Poland coasts. It is filled with white beaches, hilly fields, large forests and a granite coastline. It is a unique island having unique culture and history. It has perfect cycle routes to explore through the island with cycling. It also has opportunities to walk around the craggy coast and to enjoy the island.


The Beaches in Denmark :


There is no need for tourists to look for best beaches in Denmark. It has a very long coastline with many beaches. But very few of them are very popular like Amager Beach, Bisnap Beach and Beaches at Middelfart Marina. These beaches are wide and edged with dunes. Tourists enjoy their days by swimming and surfing in the ocean. Visitors also enjoys activities like: kite flying, long walks, horse riding etc. There are several other places to visit in Denmark. Tourists from the European Union do not need any travel visa to visit the country. But, tourists from non-EU countries need to get a Denmark visit visa to enter the country. They can get a visit visa by fulfilling all the Denmark tourist visa requirements.


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