A Brief Note on Denmark Green card

The Denmark green card permit you to live, work and settle in Denmark. A professional who has an ability to work can immigrate to Denmark through it. In simple words it can be explained as a pathway to Denmark. It also consists of a point based system similar to many other immigration processes.

  • It is an outstanding opportunity for the people outside Denmark to settle in the Denmark. The qualified individuals can come into the country in a dynamic way to achieve success staying in the country. In the point test the person must score 100 points to be eligible.
  • In this section the non-European nationals can come in search of work for 3 years. According to the work and stay they can extend and even apply for a PR if they are meeting all the required terms and conditions.

You can apply for a PR only when your stay is at least for 4 years. A holder of Permanent Residence had a chance to bring his/her family members along with them. Wife, husband, children and other immediate relatives are allowed to immigrate.

  • A person who is below 40 years of age can score points
  • Masters in study is compulsory
  • Extra points can be scored if you are into a field which Denmark is lagging employment
  • If the degree is from top universities you can gain bonus score
  • If you are working and experienced for more than one year, points are given according to the number of years.  More the experience, more points you can score

The Denmark Positive list contains the fields or sectors in which Denmark is lagging its employment. Hence you can have a look at them and know whether your sector is in the specified list. In case it is found in the list then you can get more points. If the work which you are doing is not in the list, the person must have 3 years of experience in that particular field.

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