Denmark Green Card for Global Professionals


Denmark is one in all the European Union the foremost active members of the EU within the enlisting of competent foreign employees. Denmark’s immigration policy uses a points -based system known as “Danish green Card” to attractiveness to competent employees from countries outside the EU. The Denmark conjointly include a system of labor permits for […]

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How to Immigrate to Denmark Under Green Card Scheme ?


Denmark is sovereign state situated in the northern Europe. Danes enjoy a high standard of living. Denmark Immigration Points Calculator Both residence and work permit are issued to immigrate to Denmark under the Green Card scheme assessed on the basis of individual evaluation based on the Denmark Green Card point’s calculator. If the individual is […]

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What Are The Various Reasons to Live and Work in Denmark ?


In Denmark, we find great attention is paid to traditions as well as festivals. Most Danish traditions are based around Christian Calendar with Christmas, St.john’s Eve and Easter being some of the most important and typically spent together with the family. If you are a professional who desire to work, live and settle in European […]

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