Five Important Factors of Denmark Green Card


The Eligibility for Denmark Green Card system is a points based agenda and the applicant will need to complete the eligible criteria. 1) Educational stage: In order to receive points for educational stage, you must, at least amount; have the equal of a Danish Bachelor’s degree. You will only be specified points for one educational […]

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Settle in Denmark – PR for Denmark Immigration


The Denmark Green Card provides an individual an opportunity to live as well as work in Denmark if they tend to score enough points that are based on the criteria such as language skills, education, age and also work experience.If the individuals tend to score a minimum point, they are offered Residence Permit in Denmark […]

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Accompany Your Partner with Denmark Green Card Dependent Visa

Denmark Immigration Danish green card is a way which leads to Denmark immigration. Skilled workers, who want to work, live and settle in the EU, the Denmark green card give the opportunity and are based on the point based system. Under this scheme the foreign skilled workers are allowed to come and stay in Denmark. […]

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