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Denmark always held a special place in the hearts of millions right from tourists to eminent educationalist's. The growing employment market further pushed Denmark way ahead of other countries in terms of immigration. Whilst work visas are something common in any country, Denmark’s Green Card is a unique program that actually allows an individual to eventually settle down in Denmark.

A special report by Opulentus on Danish Green Card visa

Based on the points system, Denmark Green Card (often referred to as Danish GC) is first of its kind program where all the benefits enjoyed by the actual green card holder will be applicable to his dependent's too. This includes health insurance to other benefits rolled out by the  Denmark Government from time to time.

How to get a Danish Green Card:

Well, as mentioned, Danish GC is a points’ based system. Any individual can get Danish Green Card that has-three years validity

If he/she gets a minimum of 100 points.  The processing time for Denmark GC would typically take anywhere between three and four months.

Professions in demand in Denmark:

you can shoot up your career graph in style in Denmark if you belong to any of these professions

  • Engineering
  • Medicine And Allied Medical Sciences
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Technical Areas
  •  Accent Training

Danish GC benefits:

Denmark Green Card holders can stay for up to three years initially. After which they can renew their stay for another four years.

  • After the completion of seven years of stay in Denmark, GC holder can apply for a permanent residency
  • Danish GC holders can tour Schengen countries without visa
  • Family members of Denmark will be able to enjoy the same privileges that are granted to green card holder

Opulentus support:

The points system in Denmark Green Card can be confusing. There’s actually a huge list for every country. For instance, three years bachelors’ degree in India is equivalent to Denmark’s two-year course. The same may not be applicable for another country.

Therefore, you are advised to approach Opulentus. We will assess your eligibility based on your experience and educational details after which we will let you know if your visa can be processed or not.

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