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Copenhagen has 2.4 billion kroner to spend

Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen has a surplus of 2.4 billion kroner. Politicians need to decide on the future action, if they want to save this amount or should cut taxes to instigate growth Opulentus Denmark   Copenhagen receives 1000 people every month for jobs or other opportunities and there by enriching financial or economical status of Copenhagen.   Rasmus Jarlov, politician of Denmark said:  “I am of the opinion that our purpose in the world is not to run a bank. If we can’t use the money, then we should reduce taxes.”   The same opinion was shared by Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for culture, Pia Allerselv. She said that: “There is more money in the till this year than we can spend. And there is more money than we could possible use on facilities in 2014 and 2015 even if there wasn’t a limit. Copenhagen is a rich city that can afford to build, renovate and give tax relief.”   Copenhagen has been developing leaps and bounds over the years with numerous multinational companies in diverse sector. Denmark offers Danish Green Card for foreign professionals to move to Denmark for 3 years for better opportunity and life.   Check your eligibility for Denmark Green Card by filling a simple and FREE Evaluation Form. Call us on 1800 103 1555 or sms “VISA” to 56263 for further information.   Share your views with us on Facebook.

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