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Cycling Superhighways in Copenhagen

People in Copenhagen prefer to ride their bikes to work or school. Most of them have their own cycles and other who don’t can get one for rent. To promote this environmentally friendly way of transportation, Copenhagen has built a network of 26 new bike routes, termed as “the cycling superhighway”. These highways connect the suburbs with the capital city of Denmark.   Opulentus DenmarkLars Gaardhoj, an official with the Copenhagen capital region, says “The routes will be straight and direct. It will be very fast for people who use their bike. This is new because traditionally cycle paths have been placed where there is space for them and the cars didn't run. So now the bike is going to challenge the car."   These highways will be financed by Copenhagen and 21 local governments. Each mile of the cycle superhighways will cost Copenhagen 1 million dollars   City of Copenhagen expects that around 15,000 additional people will move to biking once the highway network project is completed. This will have direct influence on environment, public finances and health.  Several innovative technologies are also getting tested for better biking and other benefits.  

  • Green wave technology is being tested which will time the traffic lights to suit bikers.
  • People driving with a certain speed limit can ride across the city without halting.
  •  Footrests with bars are being built to lean on at traffic lights.
  • Bike pump will come up at every mile in case you have a flat tire.
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