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  • World’s happiest countryOpulentus
  • World’s honest country
  • Free education for children
  • People speak English
  • Low housing cost
  • Low crime rate
  • Average cost of living: - USD 2,300 per month (avg.)
The above factors define Denmark as a country. Danish have a very relaxed and exquisite lifestyle. This bicycle-friendly country has comprehensive systems of bicycle lanes in most major cities and designated bicycle routes crisscrossing the nation. Most of the Copenhageners commute to work or school by pedal-power. Weekend outings are enjoyed on bicycles by city dwellers. Danes give priority to a clean environment and thirty years of focused energy policy has made them a world leader in renewable energy technology, including wind turbines and energy efficient waste management. Priority bicycle green waves and bicycle-friendly traffic regulation has made many Danes to cycle away to their destination, minimizing the air pollutants. Short Danish summers are mild with near-midnight sunsets, while the winters have their share of warmth – with dim lit homes, warm and cozy gatherings and a glass of hot chocolate. International surveys and reports have always celebrated and accredited Denmark as the “happiest' country in the world”, but this doesn’t imply that Danes are constantly cheering in the streets. These surveys just reflect the way Danes enjoy their life with utmost satisfaction. Balanced work life and financial security brings a sense of freedom and opportunity for every Danish to pursue personal goals in life. When this country has so many things to offer, is it not worth to settle in this country? Why would one want to miss upon so many opportunities and not live in a country which can actually be foundation of his/her successful career and life. So take a step towards your successful career and life; fill our simple Evaluation Form and migrate to Denmark. Want someone to speak to? Just dial 1800 103 1555. You can also log on to www.settleindenmark.com or www.facebook.com/settleindenmark

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