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Denmark a hotspot for foreign workers
Posted on: 16 Jul 2012  |   Tags: jobs in denmark , Opulentus ,

Planning to make Denmark your future workplace? Made up your mind to live and work in Denmark? Looking for jobs in Denmark? Doesn’t know what’s the present job market? Read on to get an idea of overall job scenario in Denmark.

Today, Denmark is one of the most flourishing and flexible countries in the world. Sunny weathers, natural farming and beautiful scenery make Denmark worth living. Migrating to Denmark is considered to be peaceful and safe with good work environment, strong social security system, and low crime rate. Usually Danes are friendly, humble and modest. Most of the people speak English, but learning the Danish language will be an added advantage for easy communication with the people and fully integrate oneself into Denmark culture.

However, in recent years, strong development in Danish economy resulted in employment growth “in Denmark” wherein the country employs foreigners to cut down the labor market. It has world-class business economy for many multinational companies like Nokia, Dell, Microsoft and few others.

The present jobs scenario in Denmark is soaring due to country's demand of skilled professionals and unskilled workers in varied sectors. As a foreigner, you can have a reasonable chance of getting a job in Denmark. The country offers enormous jobs opportunities in Denmark with high salary packages and other health benefits compared to other EU nations. Although getting a job is a bit harder, but depending up on qualification and relevant experience one can quickly secure a job. Major employment industries include healthcare, engineers, medical professionals, IT and research across Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, and Aalborg cities in Denmark.

In Denmark, the working conditions are very good with companies providing modern facilities and equipments to progress in their sector. The average working hours are normally 37 hours divided between five days. The working culture is team oriented which allows workers to participate and contribute new ideas. The employees are also able to negotiate their salary with employer.  Great perks of working and living in Denmark are shorter work weeks, family health benefits, and 5 to 6 weeks of vacation or holiday pay.

However, the cost of living is comparatively high due to graduated taxation system. Despite high taxation, the country offers great welfare benefits like free health care and free education to the foreigners or migrants who wish to work in Denmark. At present, the country has attracted thousands of foreign labors from India, China, Philippines and other non-European countries who enjoy the high standard of living in Denmark contributing to country's economic growth.

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