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It is important to note here that there are special requirements for degrees that have been earned from Indian universities. You need to know this in order to apply for Denmark green card.

Requirements of language skills

As far as language skills are concerned, you can earn up to 30 points for language skills. These languages would include Danish, Swedish, English, Norwegian, and German. You can get points for knowing one Scandinavian language like Danish, Swedish or Norwegian as well as either English or German. But you will not earn points if you know just English and German or just two or more of these Scandinavian languages.

In order to get points so that you can apply and migrate to Denmark, you need to pass an exam that will be equivalent to Level 1 of a Danish Language Test. Or else, you can submit a statement by your previous employer which states that you were using Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian or English or German for at least one year while performing your job. Or else you can prove that you have completed at least a year of higher education that was taught in any one of the languages stated above. In case you are fulfilling the last two requirements, then you will be considered having a language proficiency that is equal to a Study Test in Danish. Basically it will be proving that language as a Second Language for you.

Requirements of Work Experience

Work experience allows you to score a maximum of 15 points that can help you when you wish to settle in Denmark. You earn these points based upon the number of years you have done research work. It will also include the fields of work that are listed on the Positive List. Even if this is not applicable to you, you would still be earning points for having experience in any occupation.

If you have 3 to 5 years experience as a researcher or have worked in a field that is present on the Positive List, then you can earn 15 points. If you have lesser experience in the same field, of about 1-2 years, then you can earn 10 points. In case you have 3 to 5 years of experience in some other field, then you can earn 5 points, which will help you in getting the Denmark green card.

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