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Denmark enjoys the status of one the happiest countries in the world.  The country has got appreciation from top leaders for its healthy and flourishing economy. The high levels of employment have been often envied by developed and industrialized countries. Country is growing both in terms of economy and employment. Numbers of startup business and new branch opening have gone up, taking the job market with it.  These new openings and startups have increased the requirement for employees from diverse sector with various qualifications. Denmark publishes a positive list highlighting the country’s requirement in specific sectors. These sectors lack the number of qualified employees required. Skilled workers from abroad are invited to take up the available opportunities and settle in Denmark. Latest Positive List includes:

  • Engineer
  • Doctor and dentist
  • Other academic work
  • IT and telecommunication
  • Management
  • Educational, social and religious work
Besides the high wages, Denmark attracts foreign workers for the extensive government welfare measures and social security benefits. The clean environment and picturesque places are additional reasons for choosing Denmark as your preferred destination. Migrants can avail the Denmark Green Card to explore the opportunities and pursue their career in this beautiful and developing EU country. Danish Green Card is issued only if you meet the criteria set by government in terms of age, qualification, relevant experience, language skills and adaptability. Danish/Denmark Green Card allows:
  • Visa holder is granted a temporary residence permit for 3 years.  This can be extended up to 4 years before the actual 3 year period ends
  • Extension can be granted if you have worked for the past 12 months for a minimum of 10 hours/week
  • On completion of 4 years of residence permit, you will be granted a Permanent Residence Permit, provided you meet eligibility conditions.
  • Danish Nationality or Citizenship status is issued on continuous stay of at least 9 years
  • Greencard allows your spouse, cohabitating/registered partner and dependent children (below 18 years) to move to Denmark along with you.
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