Denmark Immigration Advanced Points’ Calculator of 2015 to Immigrate Effortlessly

Denmark Immigration points calculator 2015Stretching across the Scandinavian province, this top-notch Nordic nation is admired by many overseas immigrants to enjoy the tranquil ambience, picturesque crystal clear beaches, stupendous landscapes, steady economy, friendly and welcoming society, lavish life style, modern restaurants and many others. An overseas nation preferring for Denmark immigration can come across quality standard of living, superb healthcare facilities, low-crime rate provinces and amazing infrastructures. Alongside its stunning nature-blessed attractions this prosperous Scandinavian nation is also widely known for offering ample number of career and employment prospects to its applicants.

Immigration to Denmark

As per the new statistics of the country around 65,000 overseas skilled workers who possess special skills and abilities moved to this vibrant cultured province to reside and work in the country without any constraints. Have any plans of Denmark immigration 2015 to start your new life and to come up in flying colors? Well, gain detailed cognizance on its visa options and norms by approaching the professional and well-trained Denmark Immigration Consultants to make your career dreams come true at a faster pace. We all know that immigration is a process that involves lot of legal aspects and arduous, so support from such immigration consultants is must to immigrate without any hurdles.
There are many visa options and programs for a skilled immigrant to relocate to their dream destination. Out of many one of the best and renowned programs is Denmark Green Card Scheme, where a prospective applicant is granted a temporary resident permit and an opportunity to grab the employment by assessing their skills such as adaptability, education qualification, age, language proficiency and educational background.

Denmark Immigration points calculator 2015

An overseas skilled worker applying for Denmark immigration under Green Card is granted resident permit and a right to take up paid and unpaid work without any restrictions. However, he or she is not allowed to start their own business. An applicant has to score minimum of 100 points in the test to attain a resident permit. An interesting fact about this advanced scheme is that this plan is now applicable to all overseas students who possess special prowess and have the ability to meet the demands of the employers who are experiencing the shortage. Here maximum of 130 points will be awarded for educational levels. Entry of common law partner, spouse and dependent children are permitted to reside in the country.

Prerequisites of Danish Green Card:

Following are the requirements that an overseas skilled immigrant must meet to relocate effortlessly:
• Ability to finance yourself in the country during your stay duration
• Must hold the testaments of health coverage
• Must not be under any criminal records
• Ability to adapt to the Danish labor market
• Competency in English language

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    • Yes Nanda, Some changes were made on the factors of Denmark points system. However, the minimum qualification points remain same i.e. 100 points.

  1. I went to Opulentus to seek the details of Denmark Greencard.The immigration experts have provided me complete details about the procedures and requirements.Thanks to the whole team.

    • The Denmark green card is initially given for two years but you can again apply for three years extension before the expiry of the card.

  2. My Denmark immigration was awesome by the support and assistance of the Opulentus. They are the amazing visa consultancies.

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