How to acquire a Denmark Work Permit

Denmark Work Permit Points calculatorDenmark work permit

People outside the region of the EU or EEA aspiring to work and reside in Denmark have to apply for a Denmark work permit. Availing a work permit primarily depends on qualifications.


Denmark work permit schemes

A number of schemes have been planned to simplify the path for highly qualified professionals to get a work and a residence permit in Denmark.

 Here are the few amongst the schemes available:

  • Positive list
  • Pay limit scheme
  • The corporate scheme
  • The Danish Green card scheme

Denmark Work Permit Requirements

Each of these schemes has their specific requirements to be met in order to be granted a work permit:

Positive list: The positive list has the list of professions, which presently have shortage of capable professionals

Individuals filing their applications under this scheme have to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Job has to be listed on the positive list
  • A Job offer in the written format , which states the salary and  the conditions of employment
  • Should have a professional Bachelors degree as the minimum  degree

The pay list scheme

Individuals, who have a job offer that with a high pay, have an easy access to the labor market of Denmark besides which they are required to fulfill the following requirements if they are to acquire a Denmark work permit under this scheme

  • The annual gross salary of the job must be minimum DKK 375,000.
  • Must have a job offer or a contract in the written format stating the employment and salary conditions.

The corporate scheme

The corporate scheme under the Denmark work permit entitles an employee of a foreign  department to acquire a corporate residence permit in Denmark. In order to be granted a Denmark work permit under this scheme one has to meet the below conditions:

  • The company has to demonstrate that it is the part of the foreign corporation and has a sister or a parent company.
  • The Danish company must have minimum of 10 employees
  • The employment and the salary conditions must be in agreement with the standards of Denmark
  • The foreign departments must be an authentic businesses

Denmark Green card scheme:

In order to granted a Denmark work permit under the Green card scheme one is required to score a minimum score of 100 points.

Denmark Work Permit Points calculator


Level of education, language proficiency, experience of work, adaptability and age are the factors based on which points are granted.

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