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Indians have set their sight long on Denmark. It is all because Denmark has been a promising location and the local conditions in Denmark are quite favorable for Indians to migrate, study, work, live and settle down. However, being one of the most rewarding countries, Denmark has a point based immigrant evaluation system in place to determine the eligibility and worthiness of an applicant willing to fly to Denmark for good.


Danish Greencard scheme is the scheme by Denmark Immigration which allows foreign immigrants to settle down in the country and obtain a residence permit. Denmark’s residence permit facilitates a number of options to the immigrants and so it is highly valued among the international immigration circles.


For immigrants, especially Indians, to obtain a residence permit by Denmark Greencard scheme, there are some predefined criteria to be met. These criteria are shot up to a scale of 100 on which the number of points will determine an Indian immigration enthusiast’s eligibility to fly to Denmark.


Denmark Immigration points calculator for Indians has the following criteria pre-established by Denmark Immigration; upon fulfilling these, an Indian will be fully eligible to migrate to the country.

The highest importance has been attributed to education, that too to a master’s degree that lasts for 2 years. A 2 year master’s degree on top of typical bachelor’s education wins almost a whopping 60 points on the scale of 100 which makes it easy to gain a chance to migrate to Denmark. In other cases with a master’s degree of 1 year duration with typical bachelor’s degree will fetch an applicant with 50 points. It is clear that one more year of education bears a worth of 10 points which are highly crucial and influential in deciding a candidate’s eligibility.


Work experience grabs the second spot in adding some points to the resume of a candidate to fly to Denmark. The more the number of years of relevant experience, the more the number of points. However, the maximum number of points from the work experience’s quota stops the race at 15 and those can be earned by having 3-5 years of experience in the past 5 years in such a field pre-categorized by Denmark Immigration under Positive List.


English language proficiency and expertise bear 20 points as the fluency and handling in English is essential to survive in Denmark. Higher the proficiency, more the number of points that can maximum go up to 20 on the scale.


Age factor is crucial in determining the optimization and efficiency of applicants to contribute to the economy of Denmark. Applicants with age less than 35 years at the time of application will be awarded 15 points and any age beyond 35 and below 40 will be earning 10 points for being a little late.


Adaptability has little role to play, yet it has the capacity to be crucial in critical cases. It carries 5 points.


All the factors mentioned by Denmark Immigration points calculator for Indians provide great scope for a large number of Indians to fulfill their overseas dreams!

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