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Denmark immigration under Family Reunification program of the province

Denmark-Residency-Permit-VisaDenmark, one of the renowned provinces nestled in the heart of central Europe as much to offer for those willing to explore their career and employment opportunities, to enjoy natural attractions or to spend some months with their near and dear ones.

Denmark Dependent Visa

Have any plans to Apply for Denmark Resident Permit? Then family reunification program of the province is on the best options to attain your desired residence permit and to accompany your family members staying in the province.

Overseas individuals like children, registered partners & cohabiting partners, Spouses and other family members who are a close relative of one who is staying in Denmark can immigrate to this European nation on the grounds of family reunification.  The term spouse is mainly used as an umbrella for both cohabiting partner and the spouse. Remember, an applicant is granted a residence permit on a temporary basis and can be extended further if required. Approval of the same extension may also be useful to Register for Permanent Residency of Denmark. However, an overseas applicant is recommended to fulfill certain eligibility requirements linked with the desired application process.

Basic Requirements for Spouses, Registered / Cohabiting Partners to Migrate to Denmark

  • Both partners must be at least 24 years of age
  • Eligible spouse of the province must be able to support themselves as well as their dependents
  • Must qualify in the Danish language test within six months of being issued a resident permit
  • In case, your spouse is not the citizen or a resident of Denmark or Nordic region, he or she must possess a non-residency Danish Residence Permit of the past three years
  • Your spouse must live in the province permanently

Requirements for children to Immigrate to Denmark

Overseas individuals those aged less than 18 years and have their parents staying permanently in the Nordic region are eligible to apply for Denmark residence permit, only if they meet certain prerequisites.  But, requirements are subjected to change, depending the age and relationship with their biological or adopted or foster parents.

Successful applicants are permitted to work in the province without any constraints. For more details, fill our assessment today, so that one of our consultants will get back to you.

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