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Denmark's infrastructure projects among the world’s most innovative type: KPMG

The Oresund Region and the Femern Belt project in Denmark are ranked among the world's 100 most innovative of their kind; according to reports published by KPMG in “Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition”.Opulentus Femern Belt, 18 km long tunnel is going to become the world's longest underwater tunnel linking Germany to Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Oresund Region has been selected for its initiative to create an infrastructure promoting a free flow of public transportation in the entire region across borders. Best 100 innovative and inspiring urban infrastructure projects that are going to bring change cities around the world are listed and recognized by KPMG’s “Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition”. Selected by industry experts from five regions of the world, including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa, the projects were judged as per their feasibility, social impact, technical or financial complexity, innovation and impact on society. Project Manager Dinna Aamund Hansen from Invest in Denmark says: "I am pleased to see that the Danish efforts are recognized by KPMG’s Infrastructure 100 report.  Denmark already offers a very well-developed infrastructure and invested large amounts in bridges and tunnels to connect Denmark to Europe and Scandinavia by road and public transportation. With the projected Femern Belt tunnel, the access to Eastern Denmark and the Danish capital Copenhagen will be even further improved.” Director of KPMG, Torben Hartz explains in a Danish press release:  "With half the world's population resided in cities, the need for innovative and visionary infrastructure projects is bigger than ever, which KPMG’s report highlights. The continual growth in the world’s cities calls for billion-investments in the coming years." Shared strategy and planning across borders has made Copenhagen and Malmö significant player on a European level and as an example to follow. These cities have created sustainable infrastructure solutions to enhance, promote and benefit the economy, population and environment. These cities are playing a major role for individual national economies. "It is gratifying that two Danish projects have been listed among the best in the world as it will promote Denmark as a pioneer in the field. The innovative infrastructure projects may also assist in attracting investments to the two regions and to Denmark in general," says Torben Hartz. Looks like, Denmark will continue its legacy of world's best architecture for long. Visiting this country and seeing its architectural & infrastructural beauty will be a treat for visitors' eyes. For information on visiting Denmark, log on to www.settleindenmark.com You can also call on our toll free number for expert guidance, Just Dial 1800 103 1555 or fill our Free Evaluation Form  For more updates on Denmark, visit www.facebook.com/settleindenmark

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