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Well, a couple of days back the only information regarded as news was a pause of Canada FSW by Canadian Government.   I tell you, a change in rules of a country is no less jittering than share market volatility! The only difference is share market remains volatile often; affecting masses on a regular basis but a country’s rules change "once in a year"; affecting masses for quite a long time.   This "once in a year" change of rules is something which can be relevant to countries like Australia, Canada etc, but for Denmark, you cannot expect any stability. The country, since the introduction of Greencard Scheme, has been continuously changing its Positive List; every time taking a breath away of people who are considering migrating to this happiest country of the world.   Like it is said, the only thing constant and positive is Change; similarly Denmark’s change in Positive List always brings positive hope for professionals from various genres. The country is constantly increasing its Positive List, directly inviting skilled professionals to settle and start a new life in Denmark.   The Positive List was recently modified on 10 July’12. This change included the introduction of various new job titles, like Psychologist, Oil & Gas Engineer, Ship Engineer, Dentist, Attorney, IT Engineer, Supporting Pedagogue etc. The List was again changed on 11 July’12 resulting, in addition of job titles like, Plant Engineer, Actuary and Consultant Doctor/Chief Physician.   A major relaxation has been made in professor/lecturer field. As per the previous list, only Assistant Professor/Lecturers in Natural Sciences, Technology and Humanities field could consider claiming points under Positive List but the new list has also considered Associate Professor & Senior Lecturer Designation. The Associate Professors and Senior Lecturers are invited from Social Sciences domain too, apart from regular domains of Natural Sciences, Technology and Humanities.   The best part of Danish government is the transparency with which it invites overseas skilled manpower. Rather than giving vague information, the country actually takes the pain of every time modifying its Positive List and making sure that no profession is left untouched. Yes, for some, whose professions are removed, this change is absurd but on a rational basis, this Change by Denmark is for good. In any case, like we always suggest if you don’t want to be a part of Change you should be fast enough to avoid it! In simple terms of immigration, if you don’t want country rules to affect you, better buckle up your documentation and apply for your visa at the earliest.   Finally for those who always felt only Australia & Canada to be the best option, Denmark has just raised the bar by adding job titles like Oil & Gas Engineer, Psychologists, Ship Engineer and Actuary.   Refer Revised Denmark Positive List to know if your profession falls under Positive List.   Check your eligibility for Denmark, Get our Free Evaluation!   You can also call and take expert guidance on 1800 - 103 - 1555.   For more information log on to www.settleindenmark.com

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