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Danish government suggests a new European electricity grid. In the coming years, Europe is determined to convert its entire energy sector to renewable energy. The main thing required for implementation of renewable energy is a common power grid.   Martin Lidegaard, Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Denmark is planning to invite governments of various European countries including Germany, England, Poland, Norway and France for a discussion on the pan-European grid. Government of Denmark targets to build the structure in next 5-10 years.   OpulentusAn integrated power source will ease the process of achieving the target of becoming clean in coming years. The grid will also act as a link between the European countries. Northern Europe is the maximum producer of renewable energy. With the grid, this generated power can also help other countries who want to opt for renewable energy.   Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden have a Nordic power exchange that facilitates easy and conflict-free trade and smooth distribution of power. The main objective of Danish government is to extend trade and power benefits throughout Europe. Denmark will act as a main player it links Scandinavia and continental Europe.  Denmark is at the forefront in development of smart grid.   Renewable energy will change the lives in Denmark. Country’s already green and clean development will reach new high. People can enjoy a pollution free environment and continuous flow of electricity.   With economy reaching new high, the job market is opening up. Denmark firms will require foreign workers to fill these jobs. Settle in Denmark with your dream job.   Start your journey to Denmark now. Fill this simple and FREE Evaluation Form or solve your queries just by dialing 1800 103 1555.   Get in touch with us at Facebook or visit Opulentus for more information.

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