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Denmark Ranked Second in Biotechnology Innovation

Denmark is one of the best countries for biotechnology innovation as per Scientific American Worldview Scorecard. The survey covered 50 countries from across the world. Countries were assessed in terms of their capabilities and R&D in biotechnology. Denmark scored well in protection of intellectual property rights (IPR), stability, public policy, and strength in biotechnology development and innovation. Amount of funds invested in innovation and research and development and the prolonged lead times make protection of IPR essential. In terms of stability and public policy, Denmark is ranked second. Danish government assures stable and effective polices to help biotechnology development and a secure and safe well-organized society for R&D. Denmark is able to come second and be one of the top countries for biotechnology due to high profits reported by public biotechnology companies, skilled employee availability, top ranking in its amount of announced patent percentage and high amount of R&D investment on biotechnology. Biopharmaceutical Competitiveness and Investment Survey also ranked Denmark among top 11 countries for doing business. Survey covered areas like:

  • Scientific capabilities and infrastructure
  • Clinical environment
  • Manufacturing and logistics
  • Regulatory framework
  • Healthcare financing
  • Effective market access activities
  • Overall market conditions
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