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A recent report by Ernst & Young places Denmark 3rd among other countries in Europe in terms of the number of drugs developed per capita. England and Germany, which are ranked respectively 1 and 2 in the same category have 6-8 times larger populations than Denmark.Opulentus The high number of advanced biotech companies has resulted in the large amount of preclinical and clinical development of drugs in Denmark. More than 160 biotechnology firms have made Denmark their home and these companies invest large on research and development. Denmark is considered as one of the suitable and best location in the world to conduct innovative and high standard clinical trials. Some of the important factors for choosing Denmark as a preferred location are:

  • Denmark processes applications for authorization of clinical trials faster than any other country in Europe
  • Large number of available CROs (Contract Research Organisations) aid in conducting clinical trials at all stages faster and easier
  • Easily available English speaking persons
With Denmark's Biotech industry on a boom, we can expect more requirement of overseas Biotech specialists for this country. So if you are a Biotech specialist why not prefer Denmark as your future home. Start by evaluation your eligibility for Denmark Immigration by filling a simple Evaluation Form or refer our experts by just dialing 1800 103 1555. For more updates connect with us on www.facebook.com/settleindenmark or just log on to www.settleindenmark.com

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