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Denmark reduces corporate tax to 22%

Denmark has trimmed its corporate tax rate to attract new business to its shore. The corporate tax has been reduced to 22%. The new tax cut would bring more foreigners to Copenhagen and to establish their business in this beautiful Scandinavian country. This move by the government will also boost employment.   “We’ve been challenged by losing 170,000 jobs in recent years. We’re launching this to create jobs and growth. For years we’ve only discussed how to fund welfare spending, while now we’ve set out to create prosperity.”   People can migrate to Denmark and invest in the country. They can start their new business in the country or can invest in an existing business.   Foreigners require sufficient funds, valid passport and other documents to start their business in the country.   Foreign professionals can migrate to the country with a Danish Green Card and settle in the country. Know more about the Green Card Permit Scheme, call now on 1800 103 1555.

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