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Denmark has proved that it will retain its AAA rating next year also as it declared a reduction in domestic borrowing needs for next year. The loans required for domestic expenses will come down to 131 billion kroner as against 191 billion kroner in 2012.   “If you’ve been targeting Denmark as a safe haven, that trade is intact after these figures and it seems as though the government is sticking to its very conservative pattern of steering its finances.” said Jens Peter Soerensen of Danske Bank A/S. Opulentus Denmark   The government announces that it plans to get more people to the labour market of Denmark. Employment Ministry of Denmark has released a statement stating that it will invest 1 billion kroner to reduce sick leaves and other work-related accidents. This will help to motivate more foreign workers to choose this Nordic country as their future destination.   Social Democrat-led government predicts that companies will take this as a positive outlook and will continue setting up their offices and facilities in Denmark. Along with the capital city of Copenhagen, Denmark’s other cities like Aarhus, Aalborg, Horsens, Odense and Esbjerg are also seeing a major inflow of foreign investments.   Denmark offers Danish Green Card to allow foreign professional to settle in Denmark. The Green Card allows migrants to come and stay in Denmark for 3 years. This visa can be extended for another 4 years if you have continuously worked for 10 hours/week in the last 12 months.   Get your profile evaluated for FREE by our Danish immigration experts. Call us on 1800 103 1555 to know more about Denmark visas. Sms “VISA” to 56263 for immediate response.   Connect with us on Facebook.

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