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Denmark Visa for dependents of international students

Denmark-Student-Visa-GuidanceInternational students in Denmark will have the facility to bring their love ones to Denmark if they have the proof of sufficient funds and simple immigration requirements. The student dependent visa is specifically designed for the dependents; they will have the benefit of residence permits along with the residents. The dependents can work and study with the dependent permits in the world’s happiest country. Denmark is the discrimination free country with the world class infrastructure to lead a luxurious life. The country ranked first for being happiest in the world. Denmark has always been the most favorable country for skilled professionals. It also allows them to bring their families to the country. The family class immigration is the unique feature of the country that helps the migrants with the immigrations. The financial backing from the dependents will be a great advantage to bring their dependents to Denmark. It requires basic documentation to apply for the

  • Student Visa of Denmark with one year validity.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Documents to prove relationship
  • Age requirements necessary above 18 for dependents
  • Birth certificates of the children
The applicant must have valid Denmark address to sponsor the children and spouse. The comprehensive document list of the applicant must be submitted in support of the applicant.

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