Family Reunification in Denmark With Green Card Dependent Visa

Denmark-green-card-Dependent-VisaDenmark is the happiest country in the world with high per capita income and income equality. This country with the mixed economy is very open in policy reforms. This friendly European country has always welcomed the highly skilled professionals to work and settle in the country. Immigration is allowed the country to the economic progress of the country.

The Denmark immigration programs provide skilled professionals to settle in the country along with their families. Family reunification in Denmark is possible with the Denmark Green Card Scheme if you have got the job opportunity that supports your dependents in Dependent. According to the wage standards, it must be above DKK 50,000 in Denmark. It is mandatory to have the official address of your residence before you invite your family to join you there in Denmark.

What is Green Card?

Denmark Green Card scheme is a work permit visa granted for the skilled professionals for three years to the skilled professionals. It is a point based system that determines your eligibility for the Green Card Scheme.

The qualified professionals with Green Card must sponsor their spouse and children below the age of 18 come under this Green Card Dependent Visa category. This Visa allows the spouse to work, and visa is granted for the same period of that of Green card holder.

Sponsorship to Spouses to Denmark is very simple as it doesn’t require much-complicated documentation. Your marriage certificate, both of your age must be above 24 and sponsor must have an adequate job to provide support for the family.

The Green Card visa Processing Dependents on the cases, if the case is simple with clear documentation, it takes three or more months. In the case of complex relations, the duration is more. To avoid errors in the initial stage of documentation, advice from the experts is necessary.

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