Get Denmark Green Card is Now Easy With Immigration to Denmark

Are you a nature lover? Do to wish to live in a nation that offers high quality of life, better standard of living, peaceful ambiance, and lovely people to live with? Well, if your answer is yes, the Nodic nation is the right option for you to fulfill your dreams at a faster pace.

Why Immigrate to Denmark?Get-Denmark-Green-Card-Scheme

With better health care facilities, vibrant culture and traditions, enviable environment, feisty people and a plethora of natural attractions, this European union has emerged as an enviable destination for those willing to settle and work in abroad. As per the new reports, it was found that the immigration to Denmark is enhancing steeply because of its lack of skilled professionals in various sectors.

Lately, its government has also put forth many immigration programs that would help the skilled employees from across the globe to migrate to Denmark effortlessly and work for their nation. Among many immigration schemes, the Get Green Card Scheme to Denmark is one of the most popular options for those willing to settle in the European union.

Denmark Green Card

This special visa class has been put forth with a strong intention to grant a residence permit for skilled professionals seeking work in Denmark. Here each individual is granted a work permit based on the credentials which a prospective applicant possess. An advantage for those who holds a residence permit under this scheme is that he or she need not obtain any separate work permit to work in the province. However, the prospective applicant is not permitted to run their own business.

Denmark Green Card Scheme is a Point’s Based System where the skills of overseas skilled professional are assessed based on individual’s language proficiency, educational level, and adaptability and offered the essential points. And individual whoever scores a minimum of 100 points in the points-based test are issued a resident permit for a duration of three years.

Earlier this special program was applicable only for trained and qualified overseas professionals, but now it is also valid for all overseas students those willing to Work and Settle Denmark after the successful completion of their higher education.

Key benefits of Denmark Green card Scheme:

  • Initially given a temporary resident and work permit for up to three years
  • Stay duration can be extended further for at least one year
  • Can travel throughout the Schengen nation and get a Green Card after the successful completion of stay period
  • Dependents can enjoy similar rights and benefits as like you

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