Give wings to your Denmark dreams; Apply for Danish Green Card today

Tucked away from the hustle-bustle of busy streets of the developed countries, Denmark is truly an amazing place where peace seems to have made its nest for the rest of its life.

In case you feel like escaping to the lands that remind you of heavens, you shouldn’t miss the chance to explore and settle in Denmark.

Before you take a plunge into the details of Denmark immigration, read on to find more about the famous Danish Green Card scheme that gives wings to your dreams of working in Denmark.

Immigration to Denmark:

Denmark is a pool of opportunities especially for the people from science and technology backgrounds. The growing number of companies in Denmark is another added advantage. That’s probably the reason why even Indians, who usually look at western countries for immigration, are slowly shifting their focus towards Denmark.

In order to work in Denmark, you need to apply for Denmark Green Card. Also called as Danish Green Card, this scheme allows you to enter Denmark, if you have an employment offer letter, for a period of three years.

Denmark immigration from India:

Danish Green card points calculator ascertains the eligibility for Danish Green Card. Notably, the point calculator varies from country to country. For India, the following points are given based on education, language and work experience.

  • 30 points for graduation
  • 50 points for a one-year master degree
  • 60 points for a two-year post graduate course
  • 80 points for Ph D program
  • 30 points for language proficiency (English/Danish)
  • 15 points each for adaptability and age (low)

Denmark Green Card Application process:

You can approach any visa consultancy, who will file for Denmark Green Card. Once you get the Danish Green Card, you can enter the country and work there for three years. You will, however, need to submit the following documents to get the GC.

  • Photocopies of educational certificates
  • Experience letters
  • Job offer letter from Denmark company
  • Proof of funds

After completion of three years of stay in Denmark, you can extend your Denmark stay by another four years. Once you are done with your seven years’ stay, you can apply for permanent residency and eventually stay in Denmark for the rest of your life.

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