Essential Requirements to Apply for Denmark Permanent Residence Visa

Denmark immigration policy is flexible and welcomes people from across the world to obtain work permit and residence permit. People once after migrating to Denmark apply for Denmark Permanent Residence Visa in order to work and settle in Denmark permanently. However, the Danish Government has awarded some specific rules for Denmark PR.  Overseas nationals can apply for Denmark Permanent Residence Visa at any time.

Requirements for Denmark Permanent Residence Visa:

  • Must initially qualify for temporary residence.
  • Age must be above 18.
  • Should have stayed in Denmark lawfully for a minimum period of five years.
  • No criminal record
  • Should not have any unpaid public debts
  • Should not have accepted assured type of public benefits for three years before submitting application for Denmark Permanent Residence Visa.
  • Must successfully qualify in the Danish language test 1 or its equivalent or higher level.
  • Should engage in a regular full-time employment or register in educational program in Denmark for a minimum period of three to five years before submitting their application for Denmark PR.
  • Must engage in work or education while becoming eligible for Denmark PR.

How to apply for Denmark PR?

Individuals who hold a residence permit on the basis of work or study can fill a Denmark Permanent Residence Visa application form along with all required documents attested to it. The Denmark immigration service will consider Danish Agency for Labor Market and Recruitment on the individuals’ basis for Denmark PR in the case assessment. Download and print the application forms from Danish Immigration Service’s and individuals must record their biometric features within 14 days period after their application submission.

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