Why Immigrants Choose to Immigrate to Denmark

Immigrate-to-DenmarkWe find that, immigrants who are highly skilled who live and work in Denmark is  quite positive about the nation and at the same time they are also very happy working here.  She said, we also tend to hear that,  work life balance does leave lot of time for the workers personal as well as family lives.

As per the figures of Statistics Denmark-Immigration-from-India, it reveals that nearing to 65,000 foreigner’s have moved to Denmark in the year 2014, in a single year,  it is an all time record for highest number of immigrants  We find that foreign nationals, nearing to 64,874 have come to Denmark during the previous year and thus paving the way for 15% rise over 2013.

Eventhough the largest single group of immigrants visited Denmark were Syrians about 5377, from western nations record figure of 40,059 from western nations far outpaced the 24815, who have arrived from the non-Western nations. If interested to Migrate to Denmark apply for Danish immigration visas.

Work Permits for Denmark

In most scenarios, we tend to find that,  foreign nationals do need residence as well as Denmark-Work-Permit, before they begin work. In few scenarios, foreign nationals can also perform work related activities while they are  in Denmark on a Danish work permit, without holding both residence and work permit.

Study in Denmark

The individuals are required to hold residence permit so that they can reside as well as study in Denmark, If the individual is citizen of a nation outside the Nordic nations or EU/EEA.

It is individual’s responsibility to find a place of study and also to get acceptance as student. The students cannot be offered residence permit as a student, before they have receive acceptance from the intuition or university.

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    • Hi Anjali,

      It completely depends on your length of stay like, If you wish to reside in Denmark for an extended period of time, you need to apply for a residence permit. To know more about Business Visa contact Opulentus.

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