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Located at the Nordic country and North Europe, Denmark emerged as the coveted destination for individuals who wish to live abroad. Denmark has become the perfect destination for overseas nationals who aspire to work and settle abroad, thanks to the good lifestyle options, excellent working milieu and social security.

Denmark Immigration

Immigration to Denmark is an amazing opportunity for people willing to brighten their career prospects. To bring in foreign skilled professionals, the country has launched Greencard scheme, which is deemed as the perfect option for people who wish to immigrate to Denmark for the purpose of work. Denmark Greencard scheme entitles a residence permit to search a job and subsequently working in Denmark.

Denmark Greencard scheme- What is it?

People who were granted a residence permit under Denmark Greencard scheme do not require a work permit. Persons who qualify in Denmark Greencard scheme can take part in either paid or unpaid work. Denmark government assesses the eligibility criteria of applicants through point base system.

Qualifying criteria of Denmark Greencard

To qualify under Denmark Greencard scheme, potential aspirants need to abide by certain conditions such as:

  • Official address in the country within six months from the date of obtaining residence permit
  • Must earn at least DKK 50,000 in first year
  • Dependents can join provided applicant must meet certain conditions
  • Must qualify in points based system
  • Adequate funds
  • Health insurance coverage

Denmark Greencard points calculator

It has overhauled the Denmark point base system and now applicants can score points under three point-scoring factors such as education, language skills and nature of adaptability. Applicants must score at least 100 points to qualify under Denmark Green Card scheme.

Benefits of Denmark Greencard Scheme

Denmark Greencard scheme allows you stay in the country for up to two years, with the option of extension. Additionally, you can bring certain dependent’s such as spouse or partner and minor dependent children to the country.

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  1. I would like to gain cognizance on the recently undated visa norms of Denmark. Will the professional firm of Opuelntus frim assists me in that process?

  2. Opulentus helped me to get Denmark student visa easily and timely. Thanks a lot for all the support you have provided to me. Thank you.

  3. Thanks a lot Opulentus and my case officer who has worked hard to process my Denmark Greencard application flawlessly. I will never forget your help. thank you so much.

  4. Opulentus is a fast-emerging visa consultancy that offers best in industry visa services to its clients. Thanks to entire team for helping me out in Denmark immigration.

  5. Opulentus is a fast-emerging visa consultancy that offers best in industry visa services to its clients.Thanks to entire team for helping me out in Denmark immigration.

  6. I want to work in Denmark on work permit. I want to know, which visa option would be best for me. Will Opulentus provide me the relevant details?

    • Yes it is! the new Denmark immigration rules came into effect on 1 January 2015. The amendments were made in Denmark immigration points system.

    • Initially, Denmark Green card is valid for a period of two years. Later individuals can extend it for additional 3 more years.

    • There are four types of types of work permits for Denmark from India there are:
      • The Positive List
      • The Pay Limit Scheme
      • The Danish Green Card
      • The Fast-track scheme

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