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Eligibility Criteria to get a Danish Green Card

Danish Danish Green Card is a permanent visa, for which applicants have to score 100 points on education, age, work history and language. CIRIUS Denmark Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation assess the education portion of the applicants. Applicants with Bachelors Degree awarded with 30 points, 50 points for Bachelor Degree plus a one year Masters Degree, applicants awarded with 60 points if he/she obtained Master’s Degree and 30 points awarded to the PHD certified applicant.


In Addition, 15 points given, if the applicant school marks in the top 400, in the world, If the applicants may relate to the jobs found in the countries positive list, will add more 10 points. The 30 points available for the applicant proficient in languages like English or German, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. In order to get a Danish Green Card, applicant should be proficient in any one of the two languages along with Danish. The more points given for the individuals have 5 years of experience or in job countries positive List.


Age is also one of the significant points to be considered to get a Danish Green Card. 15 points awarded for individuals under the age of 34 and 10 points awarded for individuals (Men/women) under the age of 35-40. Adaptability working in the European Union or EEA or Prior experience living can worth up to 15 points to Danish Green card.

Family members and the Denmark Green Card

If a person is eligible granted for Danish Green Card, his spouse or children under the age group of 18 will also have a chance to join.


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