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Denmark is recognized the coveted destination for migrants who wish to live and settle overseas. Being a prosperous economy and owning major industrial sectors, Denmark is thriving major industrial sectors. The demand for the skilled and expertise workers is increasing steeply as the country needs more trained professionals to meet the needs of its labor market. Immigration to Denmark from India is an excellent option for skilled professionals who wish to enrich their career prospects. With the intention to encourage more skilled workers to immigrate to Denmark, the Denmark immigration department has designed many schemes. Out of all these schemes, Denmark Green Card is opted by most of the skilled professionals who wish to work in Denmark.

Eligibility criteria of Denmark Green Card scheme:

If you are a skilled professional who wish to immigrate to Denmark from India, you need to obtain Denmark Green Card. Denmark Green Card permits applicants to reside and seek employment in the country. Denmark Green Card is a point’s based system in which applicant’s eligibility is evaluated based on certain pre-defined factors. Applicants must acquire at least 100 points in Denmark Green card points calculator to be eligible for Denmark Green Card. Points will be allotted based on certain factors such as educational qualifications, work experience, age, adaptability, and language proficiency.  Initially Denmark Green Card will be granted for a period of three years with the possibility of extension. Denmark Green Card holders can be granted with Denmark Permanent Residency provided residing continuously for a period of four years in the country.

Requirements for immigrating to Denmark from India

Aside from qualifying in Denmark Green Card points calculator, Denmark immigration applicants need to comply with certain requirements which include full health insurance coverage for themselves and dependent family members (if any) and must hold enough funds to meet the expenses of themselves and their family members during their stay in the country.

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