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Five Important Factors of Denmark Green Card

Important-Facotrs-for-Denmark-Green-CardThe Eligibility for Denmark Green Card system is a points based agenda and the applicant will need to complete the eligible criteria.

1) Educational stage: In order to receive points for educational stage, you must, at least amount; have the equal of a Danish Bachelor’s degree. You will only be specified points for one educational stage.

There are additional benefit points for the implementation courses from internationally standard institutions through our visa company Opulentuz.

2) Language Skill: In sort to be prearranged points for language skills, you must file that you have accepted an exam in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German at a level equivalent toat slightest Danish Language Test,

1) You can only get the points only for one language either English & German. Now you can collect points for equally Swedish and English, or together Danish and German, but not for equally Danish and Norwegian, or for equally English and German. You can be specified a highest of 30 points for your language skills.

3) Work Experience: Your work knowledge can be specified points according to how several years, within the last five years. You have given a greatest of 15 points for your work practice.

4) Age: You can be prearranged points based on your age at the time you present your application. You can be specified a utmost of 15 points for your age.

5) Adaptability: You can be prearranged points for your educational or work connected as you have seen to enlarge your capability for quick adapt to the Danish labor market. Points specified for whichever education or work. You can be given a greatest of 15 points for your flexibility.

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