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Denmark’s manufacturing industries are changing their actions plans to retain their jobs in the country.   Unskilled labors from the industry are getting outsourced to low wage countries like Poland. But the good news is that highly-skilled positions and research and development positions are getting retained in the country.  Danish employees receive the highest salary in comparison to other European countries. An average salary for an employee from manufacturing in Denmark is 437,893 kroner before tax.   Liberal business daily like Borsen has advised manufacturing companies to take up the challenge and train their staff to fit high-skilled positions. High skilled professionals will help the Danish manufacturing industry to explore opportunities in high-quality products.   Danish manufacturing industries are still attracting jobs to the country due to their high quality product manufacturing and expertise in the field.  Some of the strategies adopted by companies are:  

  • Integration of manufacturing and research and development to retain the jobs and company itself
  • Using prototyping technologies like computer-aided design (CAD) or 3D printing to speed up product manufacturing from the first sketch to the final product
  • Innovating ways to ease and accelerate the production process
  • Adoption of rapid manufacturing processes
  • Introduction of programs in universities to train students on different skills at study level and make them ready for working in companies directly
Denmark manufacturing companies are planning to use advanced and intensive technology and this will require future workers from manufacturing to be more skilled than their predecessors. Highly skilled professionals in CAD, 3D printing and other prototyping technologies will be in demand in coming days. Foreign workers can move to Denmark with a Danish or Denmark Green Card.   This is the right time for high-tech professionals from manufacturing industries to get job and settle in Denmark.  Get your profile evaluated by our staff by filling this simple and FREE Evaluation Form. Call us on 1800 103 1555 to talk to our Denmark immigration experts.   Connect with us on Facebook. Visit Opulentus for further details about our services.

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