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How to Immigrate to Denmark from India?

One of the best places in the world to immigrate is Denmark. Huge numbers of people are seeking Denmark immigration from India.

Denmark is regarded as the safest place on earth with low crime rate. Denmark has gained good name for providing good health care requirements, sanitation and the service of transportation. The nation offers equal importance to its immigrate to Denmark as it provides to the citizens of the country.

People who have immigrated to Denmark can apply for permanent residence in the nation. Though the nation has high cost of living the nation offers wide range of services through its welfare organizations.

Denmark immigration requirements:

Denmark Green card scheme under which a residence permit is issued to seek work and eventually work in the nation.

Individuals aspiring for Denmark immigration have to fulfill the following requirements to acquire a residence permit under this scheme.

  • Applicant has to score minimum of 100 points against the point test factors.
  • Must have a complete health insurance that covers oneself as well as the accompanied family members until the time one is covered by the National Health insurance of Denmark
  • Must have to document that one can support oneself as well as the accompanied family members during the initial first year of stay in the country.
  • Must not accept any kind of public assistance during the period of stay in the country

Denmark immigration points calculator:

A residence permit is granted under the Denmark Green card scheme is issued based on the points based system. The applicant has to score minimum of 100 points based on the factors such as age, experience, education, language and adaptability.

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