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Denmark Immigration from India:

One of the best places to immigrate is Denmark, which is recognized as the safest place with low crime cases. The country offers a glimpse as it includes many islands and many more various world popular attractions.

Danish people believe in €live and let live' which makes a plus point for outsiders and they enjoy staying in a friendly environment.

Immigration to Denmark:

1. The Danish Green Card Scheme

If you are a graduate from any institution of your country and you want to Immigration to  Denmark by scoring the sufficient points based upon criteria such as age, education, language skills, and employment experience, you can get a three year residence permit under this scheme which will let you to live in Denmark and find work.

2. The Positive List

There are a lot of opportunities in Denmark. If you have skills and experience in one of those professions, you can get a work and residence permit under this scheme.

3. The Pay Limit Scheme

If you have a job offer from a Danish company that pays more then you are eligible for a work and residence permit in Denmark under this scheme, you must have a job contract or job offer in black and white which specifies salary and service conditions, provided they should match the Danish standards.

Denmark immigration from India:

People seem to be quite excited in getting Denmark immigration as it’s a wonderful chance for the Indians to fulfil their requirement and to grab different opportunities. Denmark has witnessed lots of Indian immigrants with great determination and living their dream job which offers them growth. The Denmark immigration policy has recently changed their process welcoming skilled workers, students and businessman.

Denmark immigration requirements:

The Danish government has different schemes for the Denmark immigration such

  • The Danish Green Card Scheme
  • The Positive List
  • The Pay Limit

The Denmark immigration scheme has its own requirements.

Immigration to Denmark Points calculator

In order to get residence permit in Denmark under the GREEN CARD scheme, you must attain 100 points

The points are usually based on the assessment of your

  • Education
  • Language
  • Age
  • Work
  • Adaptability.

You have full health insurance covering you and your families until you are covered with the Danish health insurance.

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