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Nearly EURO 80 Million to Danish Research Projects

The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation dispenses EUR 79, 6 million to projects which during the next few years should create jobs and growth for the companies involved in the projects.   Opulentus DenmarkThe manager of the Danish National Advance Technology Foundation, Carsten Orth Gaarn-Larsen explains that a wide range of research areas are being supported, involving both small and large Danish companies and several Danish universities.   First of all we’re going to create advanced solutions for companies which enable them to make money and create jobs in a difficult time. Secondly, eminent research is carried out, and the next generation of young researchers will be working with these new technologies which can generate growth in the future, says Carsten Orth Gaarn-Larsen.   The Foundation invests EUR 40, 7 million in the 20 new research projects, while the remaining EUR 38,8 million are invested by companies and universities.   Source: http://www.copcap.com/content/us/quick_links/news/latest_news/2012/news_4th_quarter_2012/nearly_eur_80_million_to_danish_research_projects

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