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New Initiative Aids SMEs to Green Transition
Posted on: 26 Oct 2012  |   Tags: Danish SMEs , Invest in Denmark , Migrate to Denmark ,

Government funded external counseling is to help selected Danish SMEs integrate environmental considerations into their future business strategy.   Opulentus DenmarkA new government funded initiative is going to help Danish SMEs design profitable green strategies.   A panel of external consultants will assist the companies in thinking green business solutions that generate profit into their overall business strategy. The Business Innovation Fund has provided DKK 10 million to single out ten SMEs that are interested in testing if a green business model will benefit their turnover. The Fund will further support five of the ten companies in developing and testing the model in practice.   “The pilot project is innovative and has great prospect. If we’re able to show small and medium-sized companies how to improve business through innovative thinking and a green business model, others will most likely follow suit. Experience from large companies shows that this approach increases Denmark’s global competitiveness and decreases the use of the world’s resources”, says CEO of Grundfos and President of The Business Innovation Fund, Carsten Bjerg about the project in a press release from the Danish Business Authority.   Deloitte on board   The Danish globally operating auditing company Deloitte has won the tender of heading the pilot project the two years the project runs. Deloitte expects to present a pool of companies in November, from which the Business Innovation Fund must choose the ten companies they wish to proceed with. The ten companies can each get up to DKK 30,000 to buy external counseling to clarify if a green transition will improve the bottom line. Later, five of the ten companies will get DKK 1.2 million to realize their project and where relevant adjust an existing product to a new green business model.   Knowledge from the project, which is called “Innovative Green Business solutions”, will be part of the government’s continuous work with green changeover, states The Business Innovation Fund.   Source: http://www.copcap.com/content/us/quick_links/news/latest_news/2012/news_4th_quarter_2012/new_initiative_aids_smes_to_green_transition

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