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Opulentus processes Danish Green Card

If you want to settle in an amazing place, you should not give a miss to Denmark. Known for its cool lifestyle, Denmark hogs tourists from almost all places of the globe. It is also drawing prospective employees these days. In case you also want to migrate to Denmark, you should apply for Denmark Green Card scheme. Denmark Green Card scheme is primarily a work visa, which is valid up to three years. As Green Card is based on points system, one has to be very careful while presenting the application.

Benefits of Denmark Green Card:

Denmark Green Card has many benefits. Some of them include -Denmark GC holder can move across Schengen countries without the need of a visa -he/she can extend his/her stay for another four years -after completion of seven years, Denmark GC holder can apply for Denmark permanent residency -Denmark GC holder family members will be entitled to the same rights as enjoyed by the Denmark Green Card holder

Denmark Green Card requirements:

As discussed earlier, Denmark Green Card applications will be assessed on point based system. You will get
  • 30 points if you have a degree that’s equivalent to two-year graduate course in Germany
  • 50 points if you have a one-year master’s degree
  • 60 points if you hold two years master’s degree
  • 80 points if you are Ph.D holder
  • 30 points if you are proficient in English/Danish
  • 15 points each for adaptability and age (low)

Opulentus process:

As Danish Green Card is point based system and rules are subject to change from time to time. That’s the reason why it’s always advisable to approach a good visa consultancy such as Opulentus. In fact, we have a team of specialists who are experts in handling Danish Green Card. Visit Opulentus immgration  right away to get your Denmark Green Card processed.

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