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Denmark is a place that has long been in news over the thumping response it has been receiving especially from the inveterate tourists. Of late, Denmark is becoming a right place to work too. Many industries that popped up in this part of the world soon fell short of skilled employees. As a reason, the companies are presumably thrown open its doors for foreign talent.

If you have a job offer from a Denmark employer in your hand, you should pull up your sox to head to Denmark and settle there eventually.  To go Denmark for job purpose, you can simply take the support of Opulentus(, which will guide you through the complete process of Danish Green Card.

Before you plunge into the details of Opulentus processing, you must understand what Danish Green Card is and the requirements for the same.

Danish Green Card:

Also called as Denmark Green Card, Danish GC is a temporary work permit, which can actually lead to permanent residency. It’s given for a period of three years, which means a person on this type of visa will be allowed to enter Denmark and work there for three years.

 Benefits of Danish Green Card:

Once you get Danish Green Card, you can extend it to another four years, only after the completion of three years of stay. After you complete seven years in Denmark , you can apply and get Denmark permanent residency.

Another best part of Danish GC is that you will be able to roam Schengen countries without a visa. Also, your family members would enjoy the same privileges that you as a GC holder enjoy.

Requirements of GC:

Danish Green Card is given based on points. It simply means that all your educational qualifications, work experience and employment offer letter and others would be broken down under various categories and accordingly points will be allotted. To get this type of visa, you need to get at least 100 points.

Here are some quick details how points are allotted

  • for degree, you will get 30 points
  • for one year master degree, you will be given 50 points
  • for two years master degree, a maximum of 60 points
  • for Ph.D, 80 points would be allotted
  • for language skills, 30 points (English/Danish)
  • for adaptability and age (low) 15 each will be given

Opulentus support:

As points vary from country to country, it is advisable that you approach Opulentus to get Danish Green Card. The experts at Opulentus will leave no stone unturned to brighten the chances of visa grant. Approach Opulentus today.

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