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Positive list Scheme of Denmark

Apply for Migrate to DenmarkDifferent countries have proposed various schemes to avoid the human resource shortages. Positive list scheme is an initiative by the Danish government to fulfill the skill shortage. In present era almost all the nations have faced the shortage of qualified skilled workers in various domains for the overall progress of the economy. Denmark has lots of occupation but the major problem is the nation has the lack of qualified human resources. Denmark maintains a large catalog of scarcity occupation called the positive list. The job seeker from other countries having the occupation of a positive list can obtain a job offer from the Danish employer and the Danish resident permit easily. If the occupation of the person needs the authorization of Denmark government then the person can obtain the authorization before the work and can granted his residence permit. There are also some certain parameter for this regards such as the employment offer from the Danish employer which states the expected salary and the term and conditions of the job required under the scheme. Under the criteria of positive list scheme the candidate can obtain the residence permit for three years to reside and work in Denmark. The residence permit can be extended for one more year under certain circumstances. The positive list scheme is introduced to avoid the skilled shortage from the field of healthcare and information technology. The applicant can also apply for the extension of residence permit after four years if his occupation is not even in the positive list scheme. The applicants from the domains like education, management. Telecommunication, sales, marketing and information technology can also extended their residence permit after the completion of four years stay. If the candidate gets the approval of residence permit under the system of positive list scheme then he is permitted to take his spouse. The children of the candidate under the age of 18 can also give the company to the candidate.

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