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Rise in demand for offshore wind farms to benefit the Denmark ecosystem

Huge demand for renewable energy has given a boost to the number of offshore wind farms across Denmark. The benefits of these wind farms to the ecosystem has helped the business dealing in this industry gain full support from Denmark Government.Settle in Denmark Denmark’s aim to become 100% fossil fuel independent by 2050 has resulted in development of many offshore wind farms. A study conducted by Orbicon and DTU Aqua confirms the positive effect of these offshore wind farms on ecosystem. In fact, these dams are appropriate for fishing communities and fisheries as they help develop new ecological niches and aid them in getting status of marine protected areas (MPAs). There are 12 completed offshore wind farms in Denmark. One of them, Horns Rev 1 is one among the world’s largest offshore wind farms. With 90% of world’s offshore wind installations, Denmark is leading in production of wind energy from off shores. For more information log on to www.facebook.com/settleindenmark

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