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The Danish Business Authority has had great success with its digital registration, which makes it easier to set up a business in Denmark. A new digital solution makes it easy and simple for entrepreneurs to go online and register their business and get a company registration number on the very same day. With the digital solution, the Danish Business Authority is breaking down the myth that it is complicated and bureaucratic to set up a business in Denmark. "The Danish Business Authority is working on improving the process of setting up and doing business in Denmark. We are especially focusing on giving entrepreneurs and businesses a less busy working environment, and this includes a reduction of administrative burdens. The registration solution is a great example of how easy it can be done," says Henning Steensig, Assistant General Manager at the Danish Business Authority. 20 per cent of companies have their company registration number within 30 minutes, and almost half of the applicants have it the same day. "We have had excellent feedback on the solution which has been accessible since June 2012. By the end of February 2013 more than 18,000 had registered their business in the digital solution, and above all, we have managed to bring down the processing time significantly," explains Henning Steensig. Registration for all types of businesses In future, the Danish Business Authority will continue its efforts to digitize and simplify business registration in Denmark. So far, the new registration has been confined to setting up sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited partnerships with personal liability. But in April 2013, entrepreneurs and companies will be able to set up six other business forms online including jointly owned shipping companies and foundations. From 2014 the plan is to enable entrepreneurs and companies to set up and change all types of businesses via the digital solution. Source: http://www.copcap.com/Newslist/2013/Set_up_a_business_in_half_an_hour

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