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Siemens tested it 75m long rotor blades in Denmark

Denmark has one more feather to its cap as it is now home to the world’s largest rotor blades. Rotor blades are used by Siemens for its new 6 MW offshore wind turbine. The national testing center is at Oesterild, Denmark.   The rotor blades are 75 m long and have been built by Siemens for wind turbines. Made of fiber glass, the blades will be used for the new offshore wind turbine generation with a capacity of 6 megawatts (MW).   Opulentus DenmarkEach blade has a rotor of diameter 154 m covering 18,600 sq. m. The coverage area of each rotor blade will be the size of two and a half soccer fields. Tips of the rotor blades can move at up to 80 meters/second.   Henrik Stiesdal, Chief Technical Officer of Siemens Wind Power highlighted that the size of the turbines will increase the amount of electricity produced and said that: “The prize on electricity from offshore wind turbines decreases, when the size of the turbines increases. This is due to the simple fact that infrastructure costs for a big turbine do not increase proportionally with the size. This means that the turbine might be more expensive in absolute numbers, but in relative numbers it is cheaper.”   Installation of the world’s largest wind turbine at Oesterild is managed by DTU Wind at Denmark’s Technical University. This is one of the strategies planned as per the massive project that the Danish wind industry, public authorities, and researchers are all working on.   Denmark is already an inspiration for many countries who want to explore the wind energy opportunities. This is one more achievement by the Danish government in the field of wind energy.   People willing to move to Denmark can apply for Danish Green Card and enjoy 3 years of continuous stay and work in this beautiful and developed country.   Check your eligibility for Denmark Green Card by filling a simple FREE Evaluation Form. Buzz us on 1800 103 1555 for faster response.   Share your thoughts and views with us on Facebook.

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