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Whether it’s for a new job that you recently got, a new spouse or partner, or your family has decided to relocate, moving to a new country always presents itself with interesting challenges. If you find yourself starting a new life in Denmark, here are some useful tips to help you adjust to your new home:   1. Learn the language. Although there is already a majority of Danes who can speak English, Danish is still the official language in the country. So if you’ll be working or staying in Denmark for a long while, you must learn the language. There are usually free language programs given by the local government. Once you have obtained your personal ID number or your CPR number, you can avail of free services such as a language course.   2. Learn to like the food. Sure there may be restaurants serving other types of cuisine especially in urban cities. But the Danes take pride in their traditional food and when you start making new friends and visiting their homes, chances are these are the food which will be served. Sandwiches are served open (called “smorrebrod”), fish and seafood figure in a lot of the dishes as well as potatoes and other vegetables. It’s also good to learn the names of traditional Danish dishes so that you won’t be at a loss when ordering your food in a Danish restaurant.   3. Learn to observe and follow the traditions Every culture has its own traditions and even a highly-developed country such as Denmark is still steeped in its customs and practices. There are festivals, holidays and events to celebrate and these are good opportunities to start doing as the locals do. For instance, Danish parties are always celebrated with songs and you have to come prepared with your own song for the occasion.   http://www.denmark.net/blog/starting-new-life-denmark-515235.html   Denmark however is the only country in Europe providing a dynamic option to enter the country by its Green card Scheme. Unlike other major European countries, Denmark has always been welcoming skilled professionals to start a new life in the country. The country has lot to offer in terms of lifestyle, safety, culture and financial security. Who wouldn’t want to adjust to such a country’s culture which is so welcoming and warm?   For more information refer http://www.settleindenmark.com and know the best options to migrate to Denmark.

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