Five Important Factors of Denmark Green Card


The Eligibility for Denmark Green Card system is a points based agenda and the applicant will need to complete the eligible criteria. 1) Educational stage: In order to receive points for educational stage, you must, at least amount; have the equal of a Danish Bachelor’s degree. You will only be specified points for one educational […]

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Get Denmark Green Card is Now Easy With Immigration to Denmark


Are you a nature lover? Do to wish to live in a nation that offers high quality of life, better standard of living, peaceful ambiance, and lovely people to live with? Well, if your answer is yes, the Nodic nation is the right option for you to fulfill your dreams at a faster pace. Why […]

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Do you Want To Migrate to Denmark? Apply for Visa

Apply for Migrate to Denmark

Denmark has introduced  a new work permit in order to attract international skilled professionals to work in Denmark. Various types of Visa’s offered by Denmark Transfer Visa : This visa, is for the one, who is migrate to Denmark to work for the same company. Work Permit Visa : This visa, is offered to the […]

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Gain detailed knowledge about the Danish Green Card with the help of Opulentus

In simple terms, Denmark green card is the key to realizing one’s dreams of settling and working in Denmark. You can obtain a residence permit to Denmark under the green card scheme, which is points-based. All that you need to do is approach a professional consultancy like Opulentus which assists you in fulfilling your dreams […]

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